Major's Miracle Network

Empowering Victims of Sexual Assault

About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the support and recovery of victims of sexual assault, by introducing victims to the story of one such survivor and her determination to find her way back to a healthy and fulfilling life. Her journey truly began the day she was introduced to the marvel of a service dog and the empowering and healing effects they can provide.  You can read the full story about her, and her miracle, Major, the service dog that helped inspire this organization.

Major’s Miracle Network provides victims the opportunity to benefit from having a “partner” to help them on their road to recovery from victim to “survivor”. Service dogs can be very costly, and as an organization, we provide these individuals with service dogs at no cost.

If you believe this program is for you, would like to learn more, or have any questions please let us know.

Our Mission

Major’s Miracle Network works in conjunction with Absolute Control Dog Training to provide full service protection and emotional support dogs to victims of sexual assault in the belief that meeting your own “Major” will be the start on a path to independence, empowerment and fulfillment in your life that you may be looking for.

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